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Asbestos exposure can be lethal

January 28, 2019

Time is an important factor for many of the regulatory laws and practices that come into being. For example, over time scientists may discover that certain compounds and chemicals are dangerous to humans when they suffer exposures. While a substance may not have been banned in the past, its use in the future will be curtailed due to the new information about it that has been discovered.

This was the case with asbestos, a naturally occurring substance that Kentucky residents have likely heard of. In the not so distant past, asbestos was commonly found in building materials like floor tiles, roof shingles, and pipe wrappings. Individuals who worked with these materials and who lived with them were exposed to asbestos and some developed serious illnesses and disorders in their lungs.

Because asbestos can be lethal and the damage it inflicts may be irreversible, its use in many consumer products was outlawed in the late 1980’s. Though manufacturers cannot use asbestos in certain products, asbestos is still in older items that have not been replaced in older homes and buildings.

Inspections and other investigations into older properties should highlight if asbestos is or could be present in them. The failure of a party to receive a disclosure regarding the possible presence of asbestos in a home they wish to buy could lead to legal action being taken against the seller.

Asbestos is a dangerous substance that can subject victims to physical pain and suffering. Those who are exposed to it without their knowledge may have rights for getting the compensation that they deserve. Their personal injury attorneys may be able to guide them through the proper legal channels to get the justice that they deserve.