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Be on the lookout for dangerous holiday product

January 12, 2018

Christmas has come and gone and now residents of Kentucky may possess more products than then did only a few short days ago. While many of the gifts that individuals received will add enjoyment and comfort to their lives, others may possess dangers that their owners are not able to immediately identify.

When a product suffers from a defect in its design, manufacturing or warning scheme, then it may be considered defective. The creators of products are responsible for imposing a duty of care in the development and construction of consumer goods to reduce unnecessary risks and dangers from the items they sell. If a defective product makes it into the market and harms a person, then the parties responsible for putting it into the victim’s hands may be held responsible for the injuries and losses.

For example, in the last several years, hoverboards have become a popular gift item for individuals who are intrigued by the products’ speed and design. However, a number of consumers have suffered significant losses when their new hoverboards caught fire due to faulty charging mechanisms and other deficient design issues.

As readers move farther away from the holiday season and explore the functions of their new gifts, they are reminded to be on the lookout for dangers hidden in their gifts’ design structure and warnings. Injuries from products liability accidents can be compensable and individuals who are hurt by consumer products may have the right to sue the makers of the products based on their losses and products liability theories of law.