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August 2015 Archives

How prevalent is distracted driving in Kentucky?

With texting and driving, drowsy driving and a drunk driver deciding to get behind the wheel, there are a number of reasons why car crashes continue to take place. In Pikeville, Kentucky, distracted driving is particularly dangerous and it is essential for people to be aware of how dangerous a distracted driver really is. While distracted driving has not always received as much attention as driving while under the influence, the consequences of an accident are just as serious.

Kentucky man wanted in fatal truck accident

From the violation of federal trucking regulations to an inattentive truck driver, there are many factors that contribute to the prevalence of semi truck crashes. When someone is involved in a semi truck accident that took place in Pikeville, or any other community in Kentucky, they may suffer serious injuries or lose their life. Truck crashes are a widespread problem across the United States and these accidents, some of which should have been prevented, continue to claim an unacceptable number of lives.

Kentucky car accident claims two lives

Whether someone passes away in a head-on collision caused by a drunk driver or suffers a serious injury after they are hit by someone who was texting and driving, every car crash is different. Although the details of an auto accident may vary from one case to another in Pikeville, or anywhere else in Kentucky, victims of these wrecks may suffer in numerous ways. From the loss of a loved one to physical pain, medical expenses and debilitating injuries, people who have been injured in a car accident should immediately explore all of their options.

Lending a hand to truck accident victims

From motorcycle accidents to a hit-and-run accident involving a pedestrian, there are many types of traffic crashes. However, truck accidents can be particularly dangerous for various reasons and at the law firm of Gary C. Johnson, we work hard to lend a helping hand to clients who have been injured in a truck accident. In Pikeville, Kentucky, and across America, too many people have lost loved ones or suffered serious injuries because of a negligent truck driver and we believe that victims need a voice.