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October 2015 Archives

How dangerous are inflatable amusements?

Whether customers are not aware of how dangerous a product can be or a negligent manufacturer provides an insufficient warning, there are a number of reasons why people continue to suffer an injury or even lose their life while using a product. Although many parents are aware of dangerous children's toys that have been recalled, some do not recognize the potential risks associated with inflatable amusements. In Pikeville, and across Kentucky, it is imperative for consumers to be aware of any potential dangers before using a product and take the appropriate course of action if they are ever injured by a defective product.

Auto accident claims the life of Kentucky driver

Whenever a car crash happens, those involved (as well as their families) may experience a variety of devastating setbacks. Sometimes, people who are involved in an auto wreck suffer a debilitating injury that causes unbearable physical pain and requires them to miss work. In Pikeville, and throughout Kentucky, many of these accidents also result in the loss of life, which also leaves families with unmanageable emotional pain and other hardships, such as economic disadvantages. After a collision, car accident victims and their loved ones should immediately conduct a thorough assessment of their circumstances.

Helping people who have been hurt by a defective product

From dangerous children's toys to a defective auto part, there are many types of product liability cases that people bring to court after suffering an injury. In Pikeville, Kentucky, and throughout the United States, consumers who have been hurt by defective products should familiarize themselves with their rights and hold those responsible for their injury accountable. The law offices of Gary C. Johnson takes these injuries very seriously and we strive to assist those whose life has been interrupted by a defective product.

Lending a hand to victims of medical malpractice

From wrong-site surgery to a doctor error involving prescription medication, medical professional negligence takes many forms. In Pikeville, and across the state of Kentucky, victims of medical malpractice and their loved ones may have to endure a number of devastating hardships, such as a worsened medical condition, expensive hospital bills and even the loss of life. At the law firm of Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., we are committed to helping medical malpractice victims and their families stand up for their rights and try to restore some normality in their lives.

Understanding the risks that balloons pose for young children

At Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., we understand the elements that go into making a safe children’s toy, versus factors that may create a dangerous product. There are many toys available on the market that may seriously injure or kill children. During the upcoming holiday season, it can help you to be informed about the types of dangerous children’s toys you may encounter on the shelves.

What should you do before surgery to avoid complications?

About one out of every 20 patients in hospitals nationwide come down with infections acquired during their stay, states Consumer Reports. This especially includes those undergoing surgery, since patients are particularly vulnerable during the procedure and recovery. If you are preparing for an operation in a Kentucky hospital and concerned about the risks of a surgical error, you may wonder if there is anything you can do increase your chances of coming through the procedure safely.

How does fatigue affect truck driver performance?

When you share Kentucky highways with a fatigued truck driver, you are driving alongside someone who is insufficiently aware of his or her surroundings, and may therefore be unable to detect a dangerous situation. A study published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that sleepy drivers keep their eyes facing forward for longer continuous periods, instead of moving their line of vision from side to side at regular intervals. This limits drivers’ sensory intake of their environment, including your position on the road. They may not notice you, your vehicle, or changes in driving conditions until it is too late to avoid a collision.

Electrocution hazards in the workplace

Electrocution and injury from electric energy is a risk for many Kentucky workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration lists electrocution as one of the “Fatal Four” occupational hazards. Medscape states that there are 1000 deaths from electrical contact each year in the united States.

How often are patients misdiagnosed?

You may be among the minimum of one in twenty patients who seek care and are misdiagnosed at outpatient facilities, according to Medscape. Doctors make a diagnostic error with about 12 million patients each year, half of whom may suffer serious consequences from the mistake. Your health may suffer because a physician fails to schedule a follow up exam, fails to order a test, or ignores an abnormal lung X-ray. Vascular infections are the most common area of error. Typical misdiagnoses occur with cases involving the following: