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November 2015 Archives

Signs of nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse or neglect is an unfortunate occurrence that some Kentucky residents may have to deal with. The Administration on Aging states that there are several signs to look for when keeping an eye out for potential abuse in a nursing home. The first group of signs relate to the physical condition of the residents and can include:

How common are truck accident injuries and deaths?

From motorcycle wrecks to pedestrians being struck by a vehicle, any type of traffic accident can be dangerous. However, accidents involving a large truck can be especially hazardous and drivers should be aware of just how many people are killed and injured in truck accidents each year. In Pikeville, Kentucky, and across America, truck accidents will likely result in more deaths in the near future and everyone on the road should focus on preventing these accidents from ruining more lives.

How dangerous is distracted driving?

From drunk driving to icy roads, there are a number of factors that play a role in car accidents. Although many people hear about accidents involving drunk drivers from news reports, it is important to be aware of some of the other dangers that contribute to collisions and may not always receive as much attention, such as distracted driving. In Pikeville, and across Kentucky, distracted driving poses serious risks to drivers and everyone else on the road and all drivers should realize how dangerous this behavior truly is.

Kentucky auto accident claims man's life

From drunk drivers to those who use their cell phones and fail to pay attention to the road, there are many reasons why auto accidents continue to arise. In Pikeville, Kentucky, and across the United States, car crashes often carry serious consequences, such as immobilizing injuries and the loss of loved ones. For car accident victims, reviewing the details concerning the crash and identifying the smartest path forward is paramount.

Two trucks involved in Kentucky accident

Any time a traffic accident takes place, the outcome can be devastating. Sadly, large truck accidents are especially dangerous for a variety of reasons, from the massive size of trucks to sleep deprivation, less maneuverability and other issues affecting truck drivers. In Pikeville, and the rest of Kentucky, road safety should be a top priority for truckers and everyone else on the road to prevent more lives from being claimed in fatal truck wrecks that could have been prevented.