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December 2015 Archives

More tractor trailers to appear on KY roads

Tractor trailers are a common sight to people in the Lexington area since two major highways cross paths there. These heavy trucks transport goods to stores and retailers throughout the state and if it appears that more of them are on the road, it is not peoples’ imagination.

The commonality of adverse events

Adverse events are defined as complications stemming from a product designed to help others. These products can include pharmaceutical drugs or medical devices. Our staff at Gary C. Johnson PSC knows that these events are actually more common than you may think. Millions of people are affected by medical products every year and in many cases, patients have suffered severe injury or even death.

2 people injured in Carter County truck accident

When an accident occurs between a tractor trailer and a passenger vehicle, it is important for law enforcement to determine what caused it. This includes checking the truck for any mechanical issues, conducting tests that measure alcohol or drug in the blood, talking to witnesses, and looking into how the trucking company manages its employees and fleet vehicles.

What is product liability?

If you have ever been injured by an item you bought before, or lost property to such an item, then you may be forced to take someone to court for damages. In that case, the term “product liability” may arise. But just what does this term mean?

Are you too fatigued to drive?

If you’re a Kentucky trucker, you may have to deal with tightly packed schedules that can make it tempting to drive on little or no sleep. However, driving while sleepy can be just as dangerous as driving while under the influence. So just how tired is too tired to get behind the wheel?