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March 2016 Archives

Understanding the basics of Kentucky spinal cord injuries

When you are involved in a car accident, you may suffer an array of injuries ranging from minor to catastrophic. This includes spinal cord injuries. At the law firm of Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., we know that suffering an injury of this type may leave you afraid and unsure of your future. In this post, we will provide an overview of spinal cord injuries.

Kentucky tractor trailer crash leaves 1 victim dead, 2 injured

While Pikeville is a bit more isolated from the Interstate, people still encounter tractor trailers when they travel to larger cities. These big rigs weigh thousands of pounds so it isn’t surprising that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that it is the occupants of passenger vehicles who have the higher rate of injury when these two vehicle types collide.

What can cause explosions in the workplace?

Employees in Kentucky such as yourself deserve safe work environments. However, it is unfortunately impossible to foresee every potential accident. We at Gary C. Johnson understand that these unpredictable circumstances can sometimes lead to severe accidents, such as explosions.

What is a misdiagnosis?

When you go into a doctor’s office or hospital in Kentucky, you are putting your well-being in the hands of the medical professionals there. However, even professionals can make mistakes such as misdiagnoses. Here at Gary C. Johnson, we understand that these misdiagnoses can come with severe side-effects.

What to do if your airbags have been recalled

Certain additions to a car are put into place to keep drivers safe, such as seat belts or airbags. However, there are some unfortunate occurrences where these items are manufactured or installed in a way that makes them defective, upping a driver’s chances of being injured instead.

Dangers parents should look out for when buying kids toys

Dangerous toys are often recalled from the shelves if enough attention is brought to them. However, some remain up for sale even if they pose dangers. Kentucky parents should therefore be aware of potential signs of danger in toys when they go shopping for their children.