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November 2016 Archives

The six long-term care costs you should consider

Suffering a catastrophic injury can easily turn a victim's life upside down. In addition to the immense changes a person will need to make to their life and daily routine, catastrophic injuries are often accompanied by massive financial costs that typically go beyond initial treatment and hospital expenses.

What is comparative negligence? P.1

Last time, we began looking at the various elements an accident victim must prove in a motor vehicle accident claim. As we noted, proving breach of duty can be done a number of ways, depending on the circumstances of the case. We wanted to speak briefly about the element of causation, which can become complicated in some motor vehicle accident cases.

Proving negligence in a motor vehicle accident case: looking at the basics

When an individual is involved in a motor vehicle accident, the immediate concern for that person is to exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved and to seek medical immediate attention for any injuries that may have been sustained. The next step, once that is done, is to ensure one receives compensation for the injuries.

Study highlights roadway risks of failing to properly secure items in vehicles

Auto accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, including things that are in motorists’ control and those which are not. Every driver is responsible, of course, for how he or she operates his or her vehicle—reasonable care must be exercised in every circumstance. For drivers who are hauling items, this includes ensuring that items are secured and that they will not come loose and cause an accident.

Should I handle negotiations with the insurance company alone?

You've been injured in an accident and you're just now well enough to start handling the legal headache that is your insurance claim. In addition to seeking coverage for the damages caused to your vehicle, you're also looking to the at-fault driver's insurance provider to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. You're hoping this won't be too much of a hassle.

Considering the enormous costs of spinal cord injuries, P.1

Motor vehicle accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries for those who are involved in then, some more serious than others. In some cases, motor vehicle accidents can be catastrophic and life-changing, not only in the affect on the accident victim’s body, but also on the victim’s financial life.

Holding trucking employer’s accountable for accidents: a brief look at potential legal grounds, P.1

In personal injury litigation, it is critical for an accident victim to pursue every available avenue of liability to ensure he or she has the best chance of obtaining just compensation for injuries and losses. We’ve been talking in our last couple posts about suing a trucking employer for its role in accidents caused by negligent trucking employees.