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February 2017 Archives

Work with experienced attorney to recover damages for catastrophic injuries

Last time, we began looking at the brain injury litigation currently faced by the football helmet manufacturer Riddell. As we noted, the company has mostly been able to avoid product liability claims in connection with its helmets, but it may not fare so well on misrepresentation claims. It remains to be seen how that litigation plays out, and the extent to which consumers will be able to hold the company liable.

Football helmet manufacturers face litigation over misrepresentation in advertising

In recent years, the issue of head injuries has gained increased public attention, due in part to litigation against the National Football League for failing to properly care for head-injured players while sitting on research highlighting the long-term dangers of repeated concussions. As the conversation has become more widespread, attention has been drawn to college and high school football injuries, and the responsibilities of individuals and organizations at those levels.

Snapchat dodges bullet, secures immunity, in distracted driving case, P.2

Last time, we began discussing a recent court decision in Georgia involving the social media application Snapchat. In that case, a couple had sued the company and a driver who had been using the app's speed filter feature to get up to 100 mph. The crash took place back in 2015 and the couple sued last April.

Snapchat dodges bullet, secures immunity, in distracted driving case, P.1

All of our readers know that distracted driving is a serious problem across the United States. Various studies have highlighted the dangers of cell phone use and the great number of accidents involving distracted driving due to talking or texting while driving.