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April 2017 Archives

This is what you can expect after a car accident

Imagine going for a Sunday drive in the country. The windows are down, there is not a cloud in the sky, and you let the stress of the prior week fade away while you drive down scenic winding roads. What happens if things go wrong on your drive? What if another driver comes around the curve too fast and you cannot avoid an accident?

Bicycle accidents and ignoring the rules of the road

Bicycle accidents are, unfortunately, an all too common occurrence, especially in urban areas where cycling is popular. Often, the harm resulting from these accidents is serious, if not fatal. This is particularly true in cases where cyclists are not wearing protective helmets.

Weight, width, length violations can provide basis for liability in truck accident cases

In our last post, we mentioned several measures Governor Matt Bevin recently signed into law several measures that will ease trucking weight requirements in an effort to increase business in the state of Kentucky. Truck and other commercial vehicle drivers, of course, are bound by a variety of regulations, and size regulations are among them.

Safety is critical when you get your motorcycle out this spring

The trees are budding, the flowers and migratory songbirds are popping out all over Kentucky. Another sure sign of spring is the number of motorcycles on the road. While some enthusiasts will brave colder winter temperatures, a lot of motorcycle drivers typically store their bike during chilly winter weather.

When medical treatment goes wrong

Imagine going into the doctor for a relatively routine physical. Things take a turn when you doctor finds something suspicious. After months of undergoing very painful and expensive treatments, you seek a second opinion. The specialist informs you that your doctor handed down a wrong diagnosis. Unfortunately, medical malpractice happens more frequently than it should.

New trucking weight laws raise concern about roadway safety

This week, Governor Matt Bevin signed into law several bills modifying the size and weight rules for truck drivers. Taken together, the measures are an effort to increase business in the state of Kentucky, though the new measures are likely to come at a cost.

Work with experienced attorney to recover damages in accidents involving state employees

We’ve been looking in recent posts at seeking compensation for motor vehicle accidents involving state agencies, departments or employees. As we noted last time, Kentucky has established a claims process by which compensation may be sought.

Looking at the process for filing negligence claims against state, local government

Last time, we began discussing the issue of roadway design and use, and holding state and local government responsible for failing to exercise reasonable care in carrying out its duties related to designing, building, and maintaining safe roadways. Although state and local governments are traditionally considered to be immune from tort liabilities, many states allow accident victims to sue in court for damages or to file a claim for compensation.