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September 2017 Archives

Accident-related head trauma may result in traumatic brain injury

Accidents often happen when Lexington residents least expect them. They happen when negligent drivers create hazardous conditions on local roads and vehicles collide in dangerous crashes. They happen when workers are carefully performing the responsibilities of their jobs and other people's negligence put them in harm's way. Victims of accidents often fail to see the harm that will befall them as it is coming and as such some accident victims are unable to protect themselves from suffering serious injuries.

4 things NOT to do after a car wreck

Imagine driving home from work along your normal route. The weekend is almost here and you are looking forward to some rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as expected when another driver ran a stop sign in your Lexington neighborhood and slammed into the passenger side of your car. As you gather your wits and take a few deep breaths, you might be wondering what to do, or more importantly, what not to do after the wreck.

Ensure you are treated for brain injuries after accidents

As you live your life, there is always a small inherent danger of becoming injured or being involved in an accident. Indeed, you can be involved in a motor vehicle accident, work accident, construction accident, slip and fall or medical malpractice event. In these situations, as rare or common as they are, oftentimes you are hurt.

Weak rear underride guards increase risks in commercial crashes

Most people on the road are aware of the fact that commercial trucks pose a special risk to people in passenger vehicles. Special precautions, like driving regulations for commercial drivers and increased safety equipment, are intended to reduce crashes. Underride guards on the rear (and the sides) of commercial trucks are one such device.

Experienced attorney can pursue negligent roadway design claims

Last time, we began looking at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's ongoing investigation of several recent truck accidents on the Spaghetti Junction interchange in Louisville. The investigation, it is hoped, will look particularly at the issue of whether the design of the interchange is contributing to accidents. This would be somewhat surprising, given that the interchange was reopened earlier this year after an extensive safety rework.