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April 2018 Archives

Can you choose your doctor after a workplace accident?

Suffering an injury in the workplace is often a double-edged sword for the victim. On one hand, it is generally better to suffer an injury at work than on one's private time, because workplace injuries generally qualify for workers' compensation. On the other hand, workers who suffer injuries on the job must navigate numerous restrictions and guidelines in order to receive the treatment they need and a fair settlement they can accept.

What is whiplash and how can it happen during a car accident?

Anyone who has ever slept "funny" on their pillow or turned their head too fast to one side may have experienced the excruciating pain of a neck injury. From pulled muscles to slipped vertebrae, damage to the neck can be debilitating and agonizing. However, there is one type of neck injury that is common to car accident victims and may be familiar to readers of this Kentucky personal injury blog: whiplash.

Wrongful death claims help people who lose a loved one

Losing a loved one is never easy, but certain circumstances are more difficult than others. A death due to old age or as the result of a long illness, for example gives loved ones and family members a chance to make peace. It also provides the deceased with ample opportunity to get his or her affairs in order. When a death is sudden, survivors may have a lot of feelings and grief to work through. If that death was the result of an accident caused by another, it's quite natural to want some form of justice.

Manufacturing defects can cause harm to consumers

Many of the products that Kentucky residents bring home from their favorite stores are made and manufactured in large industrial complexes. These complexes have found ways to mechanize the processes of putting together the goods that Americans want and need. Many reviews and considerations are made to ensure that manufacturing processes are safe and pose no threat to the people who will buy the manufactured products.

Why can damage to the spine be so catastrophic?

Kentucky residents suffer injuries all of the time. Children fall off bikes and swings and suffer cuts, bruises and other minor ailments, while absent-minded adults may kick coffee tables, slice fingers, while cooking, or drop heavy items on their feet. These painful incidents leave victims reeling in pain, but generally with fast and self-directed recoveries.