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Carefully collect evidence for a personal injury claim

May 13, 2018

In the aftermath of a car accident, many complex issues demand a victim’s attention simultaneously. This can often lead to needless suffering and the victim missing out on important opportunities when they need them most.

Of course, victims must receive immediate medical care, and may need ongoing treatment depending on the severity of the injuries. At the same time, if some other party bears responsibility for the accident, then the victim should file a personal injury claim to seek reasonable compensation to address the toll the accident takes on his or her physical health and financial stability.

In most cases where the victim suffers significant injuries, it can be quite challenging to pursue a personal injury claim while also putting time and energy into healing properly.

If you face a long road to recovery after an accident, it is unwise to put too many responsibilities on your plate. In many cases, victims who choose to handle all of these matters themselves do not realize just how daunting and complicated the process is, and end up missing benefits and protections that they rightly deserve.

Collect many kinds of evidence to build a strong claim

When filing a personal injury claim, you must provide strong, clear evidence of both the liability of the other party and the nature of your injuries. This means collecting and curating many different kinds of documentation in your claim, including

  • Video and photographic evidence that indicates liability from the scene of the accident
  • Written or recorded statements from witnesses
  • Official police reports
  • Testimony from your medical care providers detailing your injuries
  • All medical documentation pertaining to your injuries

The more evidence that you collect, the more detailed your claim, and the more difficult it is for the other party to object to the claim or attempt to low-ball you in the negotiation process.

It is especially important to document your medical care, including the projected treatments that you must continue in order to recover after reaching a settlement. Some insurers may attempt to avoid paying for ongoing treatments, leaving you on the hook for your recovery once they write the check.

Protect your rights with due diligence

Keeping your rights protected while recovering from a car accident is absolutely essential. To large insurers, you are merely one claim among thousands that they must address, constantly looking for ways they can reduce their own payout. With careful planning and strong legal understanding of the issues at hand, you can navigate this process and secure the compensation you deserve, putting you on the path to recovery in the next season of living. A Lexington injury attorney can help gather evidence and make a strong case for your restitution.