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Cars and trucks need to safely share the road

February 12, 2015

Kentucky motorists may want to exercise caution when sharing the roads with big rigs and other large trucks. They may not understand how the huge vehicles operate and that they need more room on the roads than passenger cars, especially if they are going fast and need to brake suddenly.

When trucks and cars collide, it is usually the smaller vehicles that sustain the most damage. There are some things that motorists can do, however, to avoid truck accidents The list includes not driving directly behind a truck as the driver may not be able to see the vehicle; being sure to signal when changing lanes while ahead of a truck; not merging properly into traffic, which might cause a truck to make a sudden maneuver to get out of the way; and taking care not to turn in front of a truck when its speed is not known.

Though generally qualified and experienced, commercial truck drivers need to be aware of certain things that can cause accidents. The list includes not driving if they are overly tired, not speeding and not working longer hours to increase their rate of pay. Truck drivers also should make sure they have adequate training to operate these complicated vehicles.

People injured in motor vehicle accidents may be eligible for compensation for the damages they sustain. Whether the trucker or the motorist is eligible for this compensation depends on which driver was found to cause the accident and any extenuating circumstances surrounding the accident. Victims may want to consult a personal injury attorney in Lexington who may be able to advise them of their rights and assist them in pursuing their claims.