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Concentrated caffeine products being taken off of the market

Coffee is a popular morning drink for many Kentucky residents. Some enjoy the warm feeling of the mug in their hands, while others may enjoy breathing in the earthy smell of a fresh cup of joe. However, for most people, the biggest draw of coffee is the stimulating boost of energy they experience as the liquid’s caffeine content gets into their bodies.

With Americans taking more responsibilities and getting less rest than in generations past, they are constantly looking for new ways to push the limits of their energy to be more capable and productive. As with all needs, companies began looking for ways to give consumers the caffeine push they need without multiple cups of coffee each day.

This led to the development of caffeine powder, a concentrated dose of caffeine that consumers can ingest. However, the Food and Drug Administration is now trying to pull caffeine powder from the shelves of retailers because the agency believes that it is dangerous.

At least two people have died from consuming concentrated caffeine powder, according to the Food and Drug Administration, and one of the victims was a teenager. The agency notes that the products can be used in excess, and too much can have a toxic and potentially deadly effect on those who take it.

Consumers do not have the proper instructions or warnings about the products and may misuse them to their own detriment. This dangerous product is often sold in large packages, which may encourage consumers to use a lot of it over time. These dangers, coupled with concerns over public safety, have prompted the Food and Drug Administration to take action to protect consumers.

Source: NBC News, “FDA acts to pull concentrated caffeine from market,” Maggie Fox, April 13, 2018