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Dangerous substance found in children’s make-up

March 19, 2019

One of the ways that children learn to take on adult tasks and responsibilities is by practicing from an early age. Children may benefit from learning about money and budgeting, from taking on household responsibilities, and from role playing family jobs. In households all across Kentucky young people are practicing the skills that they will need to become productive adults.

Children also benefit from playing and trying out new experiences. One of the things that many young girls enjoy doing is playing with make-up. They can express themselves and their creativity while they learn how to apply different types of cosmetics.

Recently the federal Food and Drug Administration announced that several types of children’s make-up sold by a popular retail chain contain asbestos. The items were sold at Claire’s stores across the nation and included cosmetics for the face and eyes. As previously discussed on this personal injury legal blog, asbestos is a dangerous substance that can cause cancer in those who are exposed to it. The products have been pulled from the shelves of Claire’s stores and the retail chain also announced that it will pull from sale talc powders that may also contain asbestos.

The products that individuals buy at stores and online should be safe and free from hazards that can compromise consumers’ health. In this story, an item marketed to children was found to contain a cancer-causing substance that could put the lives of individuals at risk. When dangerous products are found to have caused individuals injuries and illnesses those who have been harmed can seek to recover their damages so that they may be made whole from their losses.