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Dangers parents should look out for when buying kids toys

Dangerous toys are often recalled from the shelves if enough attention is brought to them. However, some remain up for sale even if they pose dangers. Kentucky parents should therefore be aware of potential signs of danger in toys when they go shopping for their children.

The World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc., known as W.A.T.C.H., judges toys on the market based on a stringent code of safety that determines how likely they are to cause harm to the child using it. They pay attention to things like:

  •          Packaging that is misleading
  •          Toys that are susceptible to breaking
  •          Toys that may be dangerous even with parental supervision

For example, some toys may be prone to losing pieces, such as the wheels on a toy truck. Despite the danger this may pose, these toys will likely not be recalled, especially if they are labelled properly with choking hazard warnings. It is therefore up to the parent to be vigilant when purchasing toys. They should pay attention to the safety concerns written on the packaging, and should determine whether or not that toy is suitable for their child based on that.

However, there are some cases in which toys that don’t follow the industry standards. CBS News’ recently published report on dangerous toys of 2015 revealed that a number of toys are dangerous by virtue of not following safety guidelines. This includes one toy with a string measuring twenty-one inches, when industry standards require strings to be no longer than twelve inches.

In the end, the most important thing is for parents to be aware that toys can still be on the shelves even if they might be dangerous. They should plan accordingly when buying toys.