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Defective tires pose lethal risk

September 12, 2015

Millions of unsafe motor vehicle tires are on roads and in stores in Kentucky and throughout the country, according to an investigation by ABC News. The reports stated that due to manufacturer negligence and a federal recall system that is hard to navigate, you might be unaware of how vulnerable you are to the hazards of driving on unsafe tires. At Gary C. Johnson PSC, we are conscious of the dangers to you and your loved ones caused by tire explosions from faulty design and manufacturing.   


According to ABC, a National Traffic Safety Board official stated that more than 400 people each year die from crashes attributable to tire malfunction. Tread separation is often the culprit, and the problem can begin before the tires are even in the store. All to often, neither you the consumer, nor the retailer who puts the bad tires on your car will notice an issue.


When the tread and the steel belting in a tire do not bond properly in the manufacturing process, the rubber separates from the steel belting. A bump may form in the tread, forming a bubble that expands until the tire blows out and the rubber tread comes off while the vehicle is in motion. It can wrap around a car’s axles and cause the vehicle to lose control.


At highway speeds, tire blowouts due to defective manufacturing can be lethal to you, your passengers, and to the other motorists on the road. To learn more about car accidents and product liability, please visit our page.