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Different Types Of Car Accidents In Kentucky

April 22, 2024

Vehicle accidents occur in many different ways throughout Kentucky, but there are some types of incidents that happen more often than others. In fact, most of the types of incidents we list here are ones you have likely seen and are familiar with.

Types of car accidents in Kentucky

T-Bone Accidents

T-bone accidents, also known as side-impact collisions, occur when one vehicle’s side is hit by the front or rear of another vehicle. These accidents often happen at intersections and are typically caused by one driver failing to yield the right of way or running a red light. The impact of these collisions can be severe, especially for the passengers located on the side of the vehicle that is struck.

Head-On Collisions

There are times when individuals end up going down the wrong side of the road and causing a collision. This can occur when individuals are careless or negligent, including in situations of distracted or impaired driving. However, sometimes road signs are unclear, leading to individuals driving down the wrong side of the roadway. Head-on collisions often result in significant injuries due to the speed of two vehicles colliding together with forward momentum.

Rear-End Crashes

Rear-end crashes are the most common type of collision on roads not only in Kentucky but across the United States. These occur when one vehicle collides into the back of another. They often happen because a driver is following too closely or is distracted, perhaps by using a smartphone, and does not react in time when traffic slows or stops.

Hit-and-Run Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents involve at least one person who leaves the scene without providing contact information or assisting the injured. These incidents can complicate compensation claims, as the driver who flees may not be immediately identifiable, making it difficult for victims to receive compensation without legal assistance. Victims who have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage may have a better chance at receiving compensation for their losses in these circumstances.

Collisions in Intersections

Intersections are hotspots for vehicle accidents due to the crossing over of different traffic lanes and the need for synchronized traffic signals. Accidents here can involve side impacts, head-on collisions, and multiple vehicles, often resulting from misunderstandings or misjudgments of traffic signals or road signs.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Information from the Kentucky Department of Transportation shows that there were more than 3,200 total collisions involving alcohol across the state during the most recent reporting year on file. Overall, this represented 3% of the total collisions. However, there were 96 fatal collisions involving alcohol that same reporting year, which represented 13.5% of total fatal crashes that year.

Drunk driving remains a serious problem in Kentucky, contributing significantly to road fatalities and injuries. These accidents are particularly dangerous because impaired drivers have reduced reaction times, impaired judgment, and often exhibit reckless driving behavior.

Working With a Car Accident Lawyer

Kentucky residents and visitors harmed due to the negligent actions of others on the roadway may be able to recover compensation for their losses. No-fault insurance claims are challenging, and we encourage victims to reach out to a car accident attorney in Lexington to ensure that they are taking the correct steps toward receiving the compensation they are entitled to.