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Don’t Say These Words When You Call the Insurance Company

January 28, 2018

Like most other places, driving through Pikeville can sometimes come with unexpected, and unpleasant, surprises. For instance, another driver might run a stop sign and plow into the side of your car while you are in the middle of an intersection. It may seem like a fairly straightforward situation. The other driver is obviously at fault and it should be a simple matter to report the accident to both your insurer and the other driver’s.

Unfortunately, many accidents are not so simple. In fact, even the seemingly simple ones can have hidden complications. Unfortunately, you could be the reason for the complications. By using the wrong words when you speak to the insurance company, you could hurt your claim.

I’m sorry

For some people, saying “I’m sorry” is an almost every day occurrence that happens across multiple situations, even when there is actually nothing to be sorry for. People say it out of embarrassment or to make someone else feel better. Whatever you do, never say this to an insurance company, yours or another person’s. If you apologize for an accident, the insurance agent will more than likely take it as an admission of guilt and the insurer will use it to deny your claim.


Even if your doctor thinks you have whiplash, do not say it to the insurance company. If an accident victim uses the word “whiplash,” insurance agents go on high alert. Since whiplash is a muscle injury, you cannot see it on x-rays or other scans. This makes it a great way for unethical people to defraud insurance companies. Due the amount of fraudulent whiplash cases that insurance companies deal with, simply using the word is enough to cause an agent to suspect you of filing a false claim.


While you should not say “whiplash,” you also should not tell an insurance agent that you are fine. Instead, wait to receive a full medical check from your doctor and let him or her determine your actual physical state after a car wreck. If you tell the insurer that you are fine after a wreck but then file an injury claim, the insurance company might deny it and force you to appeal the decision and prove your case.

If you suffer an injury due to a car wreck with a negligent driver, it is important to avoid using certain vocabulary when you speak with the insurance company. If you have trouble with the insurance company, such as a claim denial or a lowball offer, you might be able to take legal action to fight for the compensation you deserve. Talk to one of our Pikeville car accident lawyers for help.