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Ford trucks recalled due to dangerous airbag components

January 24, 2018

Takata airbags have been in the news for quite a while as literally millions of vehicles have been affected by the defective components they contain. Kentucky drivers from across the state have had to take their vehicles in to have the dangerous parts removed and have safe components placed therein. Just recently, another make and model of vehicle was announced as containing the defective and deadly Takata airbags.

Around 3,000 Ford Ranger trucks have been recalled because two deaths have been attributed to the Takata airbag components. The affected Rangers were made in 2006 and contain airbag inflators that may rupture if they are involved in accidents.

Ford is claiming that the Takata airbags in the Rangers are so dangerous that they want consumers to stop driving the trucks immediately. Ford will send drivers out to consumers’ homes to either pick up the trucks and take them in for repair or perform repairs at the consumers’ homes.

It is a tragedy when dangerous products claim the lives of individuals who were not even aware that their vehicles harbored latent perils. The families of the two victims in this story may have options for pursuing wrongful death claims for the losses of their loved ones and other damages related to the devastating events of their accidents.

Takata airbags are only one of the many consumer products that can injure consumers. When products liability matters arise, victims can benefit from seeking out more information about their rights as consumers to be protected from the preventable harms contained in manufacturers’ products.

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