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Guardsman discovers tire defect on military vehicles

September 6, 2018

A concerned Kentucky guardsman made an important discovery while executing his duties as the Chief Warrant Officer for the 203rd Forward Support Company. He was examining tires and vehicles as part of his duties when he noted cracks and defects in many of the tires. He noted that all of the affected tires were at least five years old and that sidewall cracks could lead to tire blowouts and accidents for impacted vehicles.

He brought his concerns to a senior official and as a result his division looked into the problem. They discovered that not only was the problem pervasive but also very serious. Around 32,000 tire assemblies on National Guard vehicles throughout the country would end up having to be fixed.

Tire blowouts are a very serious problem because they can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. A tire blowout causes the tire to lose pressure and to cause the vehicle it is on to become unstable. A driver who is not prepared to deal with a tire blowout may swerve or cause an accident with another vehicle, putting that driver and others at risk of serious injuries or death.

Tire problems like the ones noted by this observant Kentucky guardsman can be caused by age and wear, but they can also be caused by defects in the tires themselves. Manufacturers may put tires out on the market that are not capable of holding up to the stresses that vehicles put on them. Accidents that occur due to faulty or defective tires may cause injuries and may serve as the bases of personal injury lawsuits.