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Helping people who have been hurt by a defective product

October 22, 2015

From dangerous children’s toys to a defective auto part, there are many types of product liability cases that people bring to court after suffering an injury. In Pikeville, Kentucky, and throughout the United States, consumers who have been hurt by defective products should familiarize themselves with their rights and hold those responsible for their injury accountable. The law offices of Gary C. Johnson takes these injuries very seriously and we strive to assist those whose life has been interrupted by a defective product.

If you were hurt by a defective product, you may be struggling with all sorts of complications. Whether you have crippling physical pain, are immobilized because of an injury, cannot afford to pay for medical expenses incurred by an injury, are unable to work or have mental trauma after a mishap, defective products can present a wide variety of difficulties. However, you should try to remain focused and have a positive attitude. Our law firm understands how demanding these incidents often are, but many people are able to improve their situation.

Whether someone suffers from an illness, becomes injured or a consumer death occurs, it is vital for a negligent manufacturer to immediately recall their product. For some victims of defective products, taking legal action is a smart move and can help them receive compensation for what they have been through and recuperate physically, financially and mentally. If you visit our page on product liability, you will find more material on dealing with an injury caused by a defective product.