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How Can The Age Of A Victim Affect A Wrongful Death Claim?

April 19, 2019

Every life is precious, so when a wrongful act robs Kentucky victims of their future, their families may step in to pursue damages in the wake of their loss.

Wrongful death claims are based on deaths that result from negligent or reckless conduct. Survivors who were related to the decedents may be able to secure compensation through such claims. Many factors can influence the amount of recovery that families may be awarded, including the age of the decedent, and the success of a Lexington wrongful death lawyer.

Wrongful death recoveries may be based on the earning expectancy of victims, their ages, and the amount of support and love that they gave to those who were close to them. For example, families in which young parents who worked to earn income and to raise their kids are lost may suffer greatly when mothers or fathers perish. Every case based on a wrongful death is different and should be assessed by a personal injury attorney.

For instance, when an elderly person dies due to an accident or incident, their families may too seek compensation for their loss. Due to the fact that an older individual may no longer be working or may no longer have children who depend on them for financial support, it is possible that wrongful death recoveries in these cases may be lower than in others. Still, the loss to the victim’s family is very real, and the family deserves compensation if negligence or recklessness contributed to their loved one’s death.

It is important that individuals who have lost loved ones understand their rights to sue via a wrongful death lawsuit. Age is only one factor that may influence the outcome of such a case. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Lexington to learn more.