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How can you combat driver’s fatigue?

March 2, 2016

As a Kentucky driver, it’s possible that you have been behind the wheel when tired before. Even though most people know that this shouldn’t be done, sometimes it can’t be avoided. So what should you do if you start feeling fatigued while on the road?

The Transport Accident Commission has a list of tips to help combat exhaustion when driving. First, it suggests that long trips either be broken up into manageable portions or avoided altogether. For example, if you are driving long distances you should stop at least once every two hours in order to rest. If you are feeling particularly exhausted, fifteen minute power naps can help wake you back up. However, it is recommended that you not drive more than eight to ten hours a day even with breaks.

Second, driver fatigue can be worsened by some substances or decisions. Avoid drinking before your trip. Even if you just have a small amount of alcohol, it can cause a large increase in drowsiness. You should also try to plan your drives away from the hours that you would normally be sleeping. If you drive at those times, your body will automatically think that it is time to rest, causing you to get drowsy more easily.

Finally, you should plan ahead for long drives. This means sleeping a full night before you head out on any lengthy excursion. If possible, you should also share the driving. Carpooling will save you money and it will allow you to switch off with passengers so that everyone will be able to take turns resting.