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How long do I have to file a lawsuit for a vehicle accident?

It only takes a moment for a life-altering car accident to change the course of a Kentucky resident’s life. However, they may spend the rest of their days coping with their injuries and resulting disabilities. As they learn to live with the limitations that have been put on their physical and emotional health, they may contemplate legal action against the party or parties whose negligence caused them to suffer.

Thinking over the benefits and drawbacks of a possible personal injury-based lawsuit can be useful for a motor vehicle accident victim and can be particularly fruitful when they elect to carry out those conversations with a trusted personal injury attorney. They can generally take their time before filing for their losses, but a victim does not have unlimited time to put off a possible legal claim.

In Kentucky, the statute of limitations requires that personal injury actions be filed within two years of the date that the victim sustained their injuries or from which the victim should have learned that their losses could be attributed to the responsible party. In most cases, car accident victims become aware of their injuries and damages in the moments following their crashes.

Two years may feel like a long time but in the course of recovering from a devastating motor vehicle accident, those years may quickly pass by. After ensuring that one’s health has been tended to and their injuries are healing, motor vehicle accident victims may wish to begin the litigation investigation process. Starting early on working toward a lawsuit may bring a victim closure and compensation sooner for the harm they suffered in their ordeal.