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How to prevent fatal boating accidents

July 6, 2016

Kentucky residents that enjoy spending time on the water know the risks that they are taking, especially when it comes to boating accidents. There are several different types of issues that lead to common and even deadly crashes. Many times, these accidents could be avoided if the right preventative or precautionary measures are taken.

Right off the bat, the United States Coast Guard Boating Safety Division states that the most common cause of death in fatal boating accidents is drowning. Over 78 percent of the total number of deaths in a year are drowning-related, and on top of that, 84 percent of the drowning victims were not wearing a life jacket. This highlights the fact that all boaters should abide by the common safety practices when on the water. Even if the water seems shallow or the boat is not far from shore, everyone should wear safety gear at all times, especially because no one can predict when an accident or collision will occur.

The National Association of Rescue Divers also states that many boating accident fatalities are preventable, as long as the boaters plan in advance and take care of themselves while on the water. This includes loading the boat properly, making sure that it isn’t over capacity, and avoiding drinking while on the water. Drinking can lower a person’s ability to make snap judgments. This can potentially limit a boater’s ability to dodge obstacles like other boats or stationary objects.

Not all accidents are avoidable. However, boaters can lower their chances of being harmed or even killed if they follow set safety precautions, keep their wits about them, and treat boating as seriously as driving a car on the road.