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Hypertension drug recalled by Dr Reddy’s

June 21, 2014

Kentucky residents might be interested in a recent recall effort by the India-based pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories relating to metoprolol succinate, a drug designed for people with high blood pressure. Authorities said the recall affects some 13,500 bottles of the drug in the United States.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the drug failed a dissolution test. The FDA administers this test to analyze the way a drug reacts within the human body, including how long it takes for the pharmaceutical components to be released into the blood stream.

The FDA classified metoprolol succinate as Class II, meaning that the drug could cause adverse side effects in users. It is a generic form of AstraZeneca Plc’s Toprol XL, which was recalled in May for failing a dissolution test conducted by the FDA.

The recall being conducted by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories commenced on May 23 and was done so on a voluntary basis, reportedly. The company has recalled other medications in the past. Purportedly, recalls hurt the reputations of companies and elicit increased scrutiny from the FDA and other regulators.

While prescription drugs have been very effective in helping Americans cope with their afflictions and maladies, many people have suffered injuries and even death on account of unsafe medicine. When that occurs, the victims may be eligible to pursue civil action against the manufacturer of the injurious drug, thereby seeking restitution for the damages they suffered.

However, liability claims of this nature are often complex and highly contentious on account of the drug companies and their powerful advocates. For this reason, it is critical for victims of defective prescription drugs to retain the counsel and resources of a personal injury attorney.

Source: Reuters, “Dr Reddy’s recalls over 13,000 bottles of hypertension drug- FDA“, June 19, 2014