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Kentucky auto accident claims man’s life

November 5, 2015

From drunk drivers to those who use their cell phones and fail to pay attention to the road, there are many reasons why auto accidents continue to arise. In Pikeville, Kentucky, and across the United States, car crashes often carry serious consequences, such as immobilizing injuries and the loss of loved ones. For car accident victims, reviewing the details concerning the crash and identifying the smartest path forward is paramount.

Authorities are investigating an auto accident that recently happened in Kentucky and believe that speed played a role in the crash. The accident, which caused the closure of I-275, happened at roughly 8 p.m. The accident claimed the life of a 20-year-old man from Aurora and he was declared dead at the site of the accident.

According to officials, a man from Indiana was driving on Interstate 275 when he hit a guardrail and was thrown onto the road. Next, an oncoming vehicle hit the man as well as his car. The accident took place close to the exit for Peterson Rd.

When a car crash happens, victims may be completely unsure of what to do next. As if physical pain, emotional trauma and financial hardships caused by lost wages or medical expenses are not difficult enough, some car accident victims are not sure of how to approach the legal system. For anyone who is in this position, talking to a legal professional as soon as possible about the accident that turned their world upside down could be very beneficial.

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