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Legislator proposes bill to warn of chemicals in kids’ toiletries

February 20, 2018

Many little girls in Kentucky enjoy opening up their mothers’ make-up kits and playing with the fantastic supplies found therein. From lipsticks and eye shadows to concealers and mascaras, make-up products have been developed to enhance the natural beauty that women already possess. Because they are so popular with women and girls of all ages, many companies have developed make-up products for children to use for play and pretend.

One of those companies is Claire’s, an entity that markets beauty and jewelry products throughout its many stores. However, some tests performed on Claire’s kids’ cosmetics revealed that they contained a dangerous chemical known as asbestos. Asbestos is a substance that can damage the lungs of those who breathe it in and can cause life-threatening complications.

In response to this discovery, a national legislator from Michigan has proposed a new law entitled the Children’s Product Label Warning Act of 2018. The proposed bill would require producers of children’s products to include on their labels warnings if those products contain asbestos. If they do not, the entities producing the asbestos-free products would need a certification to show as much.

Children and all Americans deserve to know what is in the products they buy and what dangers they may encounter from using goods that retailers keep on their shelves. When dangerous products cause consumers harm, those who are injured may have a right to seek compensation for their losses. Those claims may be based on products liability protections and can help victims get back on their feet after experiencing product-related losses.

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