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Lending a hand to truck accident victims

August 5, 2015

From motorcycle accidents to a hit-and-run accident involving a pedestrian, there are many types of traffic crashes. However, truck accidents can be particularly dangerous for various reasons and at the law firm of Gary C. Johnson, we work hard to lend a helping hand to clients who have been injured in a truck accident. In Pikeville, Kentucky, and across America, too many people have lost loved ones or suffered serious injuries because of a negligent truck driver and we believe that victims need a voice.

Even with road safety programs and media coverage highlighting the dangers of driving while intoxicated or deprived of sleep, people continue to be hurt by a drunk truck driver, someone suffering from truck driver fatigue or other examples of negligence. When a truck accident takes place, victims may have to cope with serious injuries or even lose their life. Sadly, when a truck accident victim dies, they may leave family members with devastating emotional pain and even financial problems (hospital costs, lost wages, etc.).

Truck accidents are a major problem throughout the country and our law firm takes these cases very seriously. Sadly, there are multiple factors that can make truck collisions more dangerous than other types of accidents, such as the greater size of a semi truck and the strain that spending too much time on the road can place on truck drivers. We understand the painful experiences that people who are involved in truck accidents face and are ready to fight for victims’ rights. On the motor vehicle accidents section of our website, you can read more on how we help those who have been hurt in a truck crash.