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Lethal accident with fire engine shuts down Kentucky road

May 7, 2016

When a driver hits the road in Kentucky, they face the possibility of getting into an accident simply because not every aspect of the road can be controlled and accounted for. The drivers around a person may prove to be unexpected hurdles, or they themselves may make a mistake that can lead to a destructive or deadly crash.

Of course, some people also forget that every vehicle on the road can be involved in an accident. For example, a fire engine was recently involved in a deadly crash with a sedan driver. It was predicted that the engine itself was totaled, and the road where the accident occurred was closed for several hours as crews cleaned up.

Currently, the cause of the accident is unknown. It was reported that the driver of the sedan involved in the accident jumped the median, causing the fire engine to crash into its side as it sped toward a call for an unconscious person. The sirens and lights were both on at the time of the accident.

While the sedan driver was taken to the hospital, he died of his wounds after. On the other hand, the driver of the fire engine was left temporarily trapped in the seat of his truck but was freed and taken to the hospital with non-lethal injuries.

Accidents can strike ruthlessly and without warning, turning lives upside down in the blink of an eye. If anyone has been involved in a crash that has taken their physical, financial or mental comfort away from them, it may be in their best interest to contact an attorney to see what they can regain.

Source: Lexington Herald Leader, “Man dies of injuries after car collides with fire engine on Man o’ War,” Morgan Eads, May 3, 2016