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Living with brain injuries can be costly and difficult

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are catastrophic injuries that can deprive Kentucky residents of their ability to work, their capacity to enjoy life and their capability to care for themselves. Because of these significant losses, many TBI victims must enlist the help of medical and occupational support personnel to ensure that they are doing everything they can to manage their many significant needs. This post will address some of the ways that TBI injuries can have long-lasting, costly effects on those who are unfortunate enough to suffer them.

One of the most significant ways that TBI may impact a person’s financial health is through the deprivation of their ability to work. While not all TBI victims will be rendered unable to hold down a job, severe TBI cases may result in victims lacking the stamina and capacity to do the work they were once able to do.

In addition to their losses of income, TBI victims often require ongoing medical and mental health support to maintain their conditions and to prevent further deterioration. These treatments can be costly and may impose serious financial burdens on men and women who are struggling without stable incomes.

Finally, some TBI victims are left so affected by their head traumas that they cannot provide themselves with even their most basic needs. In such situations victims may require around-the-clock care through the support of residential or in-home assistance.

Losing one’s income and incurring significant injury-related costs is a recipe for financial disaster for TBI victims. Determining whether or not to pursue litigation against those responsible for one’s injury can help TBI victims who are interested in seeking compensation for the damages they suffered.