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Losing a limb due to an accident can have severe complications

January 14, 2019

Traumatic injuries can leave Kentucky residents with injuries to their bones, soft tissue and vital organs. Depending upon the harm they suffer, men, women, and children can be forced to live their lives with permanent disfigurement, worsened health, and serious health-related complications. A possible catastrophic injury that can affect victims of car accidents and other negligence-based incidents is the loss of a victim’s limb.

A person’s limbs are their arms and legs, and these appendages can be severely injured in traumatic events. From time to time doctors must remove or amputate victims’ limbs in order to save their lives; the removal of a limb due to an accident can introduce a host of complications into the victim’s life.

For example, a loss of limb victim can suffer an infection at the site of the removal. An infection can be life-threatening and may cause severe pain and suffering. Additionally, amputations can cause severe bruising of the skin at the site of the victim’s limb removal as well as deformities to t joints at the sites of their amputations.

A serious complication that is associated with medical procedures like amputations is the threat of a blot clot. A blot clot may travel through the body and cause a stoppage of blood to the brain. This, in turn, may cause a stroke or heart attack and more difficulties for a loss of limb victim.

An accident that results in the loss of a victim’s limb may cause that individual to suffer life-long trauma. It is important that personal injury victims become educated about their legal rights and the options they have for seeking the recovery of their damages.