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Loss of limb is a traumatic experience for an accident victim

February 26, 2018

When a car accident happens, a Kentucky victim may face a range of possible injuries and damages. This blog has previously discussed some of the catastrophic injuries that can result when victims suffer brain injuries, spinal injuries and other serious health complications. This post will discuss another type of injury that may occur after a person is involved in a serious vehicle crash: loss of a limb.

Losing a limb involves losing one or more of a person’s arms or legs. A person may have to undergo amputation if their limb is severely damaged in a car accident and, as a result, they may have to learn to live their life without that important part of their body. While the victim will suffer significant complications as to how to approach performing everyday tasks such as walking, writing, driving and others, it may not be as clear to them that they could suffer serious and life-altering psychological consequences.

According to an article published by the British Medical Journal, individuals who lose limbs suffer grief, impaired perceptions of their bodies and depression. They may experience anxiety over their loss and may carry the emotional challenges of losing a limb for their entire lives.

These ongoing and serious repercussions regarding the loss of a limb from a motor vehicle accident can cause a victim to lose enjoyment of their life, their capacity to live fully and to experience other significant losses. The loss of a limb from a vehicle crash is a catastrophic injury and the damage a victim suffers from this devastating form of harm may be compensable through personal injury litigation.