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Manufacturing defects can cause harm to consumers

April 10, 2018

Many of the products that Kentucky residents bring home from their favorite stores are made and manufactured in large industrial complexes. These complexes have found ways to mechanize the processes of putting together the goods that Americans want and need. Many reviews and considerations are made to ensure that manufacturing processes are safe and pose no threat to the people who will buy the manufactured products.

However, it is possible for problems to develop in manufacturing and for defects to appear in the products that come off of those mechanized lines. A manufacturing defect is a mistake in a product that a manufacturer did not intend to make, a detail that a design did not include in its drafting and that causes injuries to those who acquire the products for use.

Manufacturing defects are less common than design defects and warning defects. Often, when manufacturing defects occur, they afflict only some of the products produced by a manufacturer. A problem with a particular machine or tool may cause the defects and after repair the defect no longer appear in products.

Manufacturing defects can happen though, and it is important for consumers to be aware of their existence and possible presence in the products they buy. When a manufacturer puts into the chain of commerce a properly designed and labeled product that contains a manufacturing defect then that manufacturer may be held liable for any harm the product causes. As with all products liability matters, victims of manufacturing defects may want to review their rights with experienced personal injury lawyers.