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Medical malpractice lawsuit decided in amount of $10.6 million

A medical malpractice lawsuit filed against Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Kentucky and one of its surgical doctors was returned from a unanimous jury, ordering reparations be paid in the amount of approximately $10.6 million.

The jury ruled that the doctor and medical center was negligent in the care of a Kentucky woman during a number of surgical procedures and after-care services. The Kentucky woman’s family filed the lawsuit.

The woman was led to believe that the bariatric surgery procedure advertised by the hospital was safe and that the surgical doctor was experienced with the procedure. Bariatric surgery involves an operation on the stomach and intestines and is intended to help patients that suffer from severe obesity to lose weight by limiting food consumption.

According to the plaintiff’s memorandum, the patient suffered a fever, irregular heart rate and significant pain after the initial surgery and tests indicated signs of “abnormal activity;” however, the surgeon neglected to respond to the threat immediately even after the woman showed signs of infection and a worsened medical condition.

Because of further negligent actions on the part of the surgeon and Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, the woman was released from the hospital, even though she was still showing signs of illness. The effects of the negligent acts of this hospital were fatal– and truly devastating. The hospital and the surgeon currently have several pending suits as the result of other bariatric surgery complications on different occasions.

Many surgeries are intended to improve a patient’s quality of life. However, when complications arise due to negligence, patients can suffer serious problems, including severe pain, paralysis and even death. Before entering into a surgical procedure, potential patients should always do research on the procedure and the operating surgeon as preventive measures to ensure their safety. However, no hospital should continue to overlook a surgeon who endangers patients, nor should any surgeon overlook his or her duty to provide a standard level of care.

Source: The McCreary County Record, “$10.6 million judgment returned in medical malpractice lawsuit,” Heather Tomlinson, April 1, 2014