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Motor vehicle accidents more common in light rain than expected

Kentucky drivers will be abundantly aware of the dangers on the road when the weather is poor. Heavy rain, snow, hail and other weather events can make the roads treacherous for everyone. However, there is a frequent perception that only heavy rain and other significant events are risky. As a recent study shows, that is not the case. Light rain will also place people in jeopardy of catastrophic injuries and fatalities. For those who have been hurt or lost a loved one in accidents under these circumstances, understanding how their future will be impacted is a must.

According to the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies, there is a 34% greater chance of a car accident when there is a precipitation event. If it is raining lightly, it is a 27% greater chance. The author of the study says that this can be limited to a drizzle where people who are walking debate whether to use an umbrella or not.

In the study, more than 125,000 accidents from between 2006 and 2011 were assessed in comparison with weather patterns. Instead of police reports, they relied on radar to determine the weather’s severity at the time of the crashes. Precipitation that was considered heavy had a greater chance of a fatal accident, but the researchers were surprised at the increase in accidents when it was just light rain. The time at which the accidents were most prevalent with wet weather is in the winter and during the morning rush.

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time. That aside, there are certain times and circumstances where it is more likely than others. Poor weather is known to put people at higher risk of being in a crash, but light rain being a concern is something of a surprise. After a crash, those who have been hurt or had a loved one suffer a wrongful death must consider their alternatives to pay for medical expenses, lost income and long-term care. Discussing the case with a legal professional experienced in motor vehicle accidents can be useful.