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Motorcycle accident injuries can be catastrophic

October 2, 2018

Although a motorcycle may be a fast and fun way for a Lexington driver to do their daily commute, individuals who ride on motorcycles face a number of dangers that are not present for those who travel in standard motor vehicles. This post will examine just a few of the reasons that motorcycle accidents and injuries can be so catastrophic and why individuals who are involved in them often suffer substantial harm.

One of the most basic reasons that motorcycle accidents often end in injuries or death is because motorcycles lack protective features to keep their riders safe. For example, while a car may have a structure to protect a driver during a collision as well as seatbelts, airbags and other features, motorcycles have none of these. There is nothing between a motorcycle rider and the road, so when they are thrown from their vehicles, motorcycle riders can suffer grievous harm.

Additionally, another reason that motorcycle accidents are so dangerous to motorcycle riders is that they often happen when other drivers simply fail to see them on the roads. A motorcycle is relatively small when compared to other automobiles, and it is not uncommon for drivers to miss motorcycles in their blind spots or on other parts of the roads. A driver may not even slow down when they crash into a motorcycle if they did not see the motorcycle before making a driving maneuver.

The harm that a motorcyclist can suffer in a crash can range from minor abrasions to death. Motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities can leave victims and their family members with altered and uncertain futures. Therefore, it is importance to seek guidance to better understand one’s options after these traumatic events.