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Motorcycle accidents present real dangers to victims

Motorcycles are not uncommon on Kentucky roads and many individuals use these two-wheeled vehicles to get them from home to work and to everywhere in between. In fact, some drivers prefer riding their motorcycles to driving their cars for the freedom that motorcycles offer in terms of experiencing nature while undertaking their daily commutes.

However, despite the fun that motorcycling offers, there are a number of dangers that often befall motorcyclists when other drivers, particularly drivers of larger personal vehicles, fail to respect their presence on Kentucky roads. Visual recognition is a problem for motorcycle riders created by other drivers and generally disproportionately harms motorcyclists when collisions with other automobiles occur.

Visual recognition is the ability of a driver to see what is around them when they are behind the wheel of their car. Motorcycles and their riders are often not seen because of their relatively small size compared to other automobiles when on highways and streets and, for this reason, they are often hit when they legally try to pass other vehicles. They are often hurt when drivers lose them in their blind spots and those drivers fail to check before changing lanes or making other driving maneuvers. They can sustain injuries when drivers fail to yield to turning motorcycles or turn in front of them at intersections.

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a dangerous undertaking when irresponsible drivers fail to respect them on Kentucky roadways. Victims of automobile-motorcycle accidents may wish to learn more about their legal options after sustaining harm in preventable road accidents. Schedule a free personal injury consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Lexington to learn more about your claim.