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Motorcyclists face many dangers while on the roads

March 14, 2018

The freedom that a Kentucky resident enjoys while riding their motorcycle may bring them a great amount of joy. Riding a motorcycle allows a person to feel nature as they travel down the road because they are not separated from the world by the frame of a car. They may take pleasure in their motorcycle’s maneuverability and relish in the quick manner that the vehicle accelerates.

Despite the many pleasures that motorcycles impart on their riders, there are a number of dangers that accompany motorcycle riding. Many of those dangers stem from the conduct of other motorists out on Louisville streets and highways: bad drivers, distracted drivers and reckless drivers can all make mistakes that can cause motorcyclists to lose their lives.

For example, motorcycles are relatively small vehicles that can quickly disappear into the blind spots of other drivers. If a driver fails to look over their shoulder and make sure that no one is driving near them before changing lanes, a motorcyclist could be struck and gravely injured simply due to the inattentiveness of another driver.

Additionally, not all drivers are used to seeing motorcycles out on the roads. They may not understand how fast a motorcycle may approach an intersection and may, therefore, make unwise turns or other driving maneuvers in front of them; seeing and knowing what to do in the presence of a motorcycle are not skills all drivers possess.

Once a motorcycle is hit by another car, there is little a motorcyclist can do to protect themselves from injury. Even if they equip themselves with a helmet and other protective gear, the impact of a collision can cause significant injuries and even death to the victim. When a motorcycle accident claims the life of a Kentucky resident, their surviving family members may decide to pursue their losses in a wrongful death claim.

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