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Neck injuries can lead to chronic pain

The spinal cord runs from the base of the skull through the bones of the spinal column. It controls many of the important functions that the body must perform to work, and readers of this Kentucky-based personal injury blog may recall past posts about the trauma individuals can suffer when they damage this region of their bodies. This post will focus on one area of the spine, the cervical spine, and an injury that can leave victims with long-term pain and suffering.

When a car accident victim suffers whiplash, they may strain their neck. Their muscles and connective tissue in this area can become hurt and they may suffer associated symptoms. Those symptoms can include but are not limited to tenderness, stiffness, and headaches.

Whiplash and neck strain can be treated, but complete improvement may not always be possible. Drug therapy, limiting range of motion, and rest can help improve harm suffered in the neck. However, if a neck injury victim does not get the help that they need, the damage they suffer may take much longer to show signs of improvement.

A permanent injury to the neck can be devastating for a victim. They may suffer discomfort and struggle to perform activities that they once were able to do. They may not be able to move the way they moved prior to their injury and the quality of their life may suffer. While this post offers no legal or medical advice, readers are advised to take their neck injuries seriously and consider legal action if their trauma was caused by the negligence of others.