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Patients suffer from drug and medical device makers’ negligence

September 5, 2015

Patients suffer from drug and medical device makers’ negligence


Medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs are intended to diminish your pain and improve your health when you are sick, but we at Gary C Johnson, P.S.C., know that many people in Kentucky and across the United States suffer reactions each year from poorly manufactured or dangerous products. You may be affected for a lifetime by injuries or illness caused by a defect or unsafe design.


Despite approval from the Federal Food and Drug Administration, you can experience harmful and sometimes deadly reactions from prescription drugs, even when you follow the instructions precisely according to the label. In fact, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, in the U.S., reactions to pharmaceutical drugs are a major cause of death. You may have an issue long before an unsafe medication is subject to a potential prescription drug recall.


We know that design issues in medical devices present a danger to your health as well. Software glitches and inadequate materials can cause you to suffer severe injury. In many cases, you may sustain bodily damage from poorly written instructions, or if you have not been advised properly on how to use a device. In addition, problems can arise from an improperly implanted product.


Time can be of the essence when you need to confront a manufacturer or report a problem. The law imposes time limits on how long you may wait before filing a claim against a manufacturer. For more information on products liability, please visit our web page.