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Potassium chloride solution recalled

December 3, 2014

Baxter International Inc., a pharmaceutical supplier with distribution in Kentucky and across America, has recently issued a recall notice for one lot of their product, Highly Concentrated Potassium Chloride Injection, 10 mEq per 100 mL. This recall was triggered by the number of complaints that they had received from users about mislabeling of the overpouch. The lot in question had been distributed to customers between June 23 and Oct. 2. The corporation has offered to replace any unaffected lot numbers as well. They are also actively soliciting information about adverse reactions from medical personnel and any affected patients.

This particular type of medical equipment is meant to treat potassium deficiency through intravenous application. Because of the mislabeling situation, it is possible that a patient would get a smaller dose of the chemical than they were intended to receive.

When this product is used for patients in dire need, such as a patient with serious electrolyte imbalance, the underperforming medical supply could potentially lead to a life-threatening crisis. However, there have been no reports of such incidents, and the recall has been categorized as voluntary.

Those who believe that they may have suffered damages due to a mislabeled or improperly administered medical product might benefit from discussing their case with a medical malpractice attorney. That attorney may be able to use their experience in the field to provide support and advice throughout a possible legal claim. After reviewing a client’s case, the attorney may be able to develop an argument that might be used to seek compensation for damages associated with the alleged medical malpractice event. That compensation might include the cost of treating an injury and lost wages.

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