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Preventing falling accidents at the workplace

May 14, 2016

Kentucky employees statewide go to work expecting their safety to be protected as well as possible. Though accidents can sometimes happen, there are measures in place that are meant to keep people safe from falling accidents. If someone falls due to improper implementation of these measures, then it could be considered a wrongful death case.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration, known as OSHA, has an entire program dedicated to the prevention of slip and fall accidents. These are considered to be standards that every business should follow in order to eliminate or severely reduce the possibility of accident-related fatalities. The program focuses on training employees how to use equipment correctly, and keeping the equipment safe, well-maintained and up to date with current industry standards.

It is also suggested that planning be done ahead of time. Reliable Plant suggests that scoping out a work area ahead of time can ultimately reduce the number of accidents. This can allow workers to identify potential hazards like freshly waxed floors, uneven walking surfaces, damaged ladder steps, weather hazards, sloped walking areas, and so on. By identifying the things that could make a worker slip or fall, these issues can be dealt with and eliminated before work even begins.

Of course, there are some accidents that simply cannot be predicted or prevented. However, scouting out an area and preparing in advance for handling the equipment necessary for the job can cut down chances of accidents. Providing proper equipment is just as important as training, as well.