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Product design defects are a cause of personal injuries

October 23, 2017

It is no surprise that the makers of consumer goods benefit when they are able to create innovative products that meet the needs and expectations of buyers. Lexington residents may enjoy trying out new products that offer claims of improving their lives and making it easier to do everyday tasks, such as make dinner and clean their homes. Many new products either succeed on appealing to buyers and thrive in the market or fail due to a lack of interest in them.

Other products, though, fail to take hold with consumers because they possess defects and pose risks to those who use them. A design defect is a problem with the scheme of a product that introduces a risk to the products’ users when the products are used in their intended manner. Consider, for example, the problems that consumers experienced with drop-side cribs. These cribs were designed to lower on their sides to allow parents to place their babies in their beds without having to lower them down from above. However, the failure of the latching mechanisms on some drop-side cribs caused babies to become trapped in their beds and suffocate.

Drop-side cribs are only one example of how design defects can introduce deadly risks into the lives of unsuspecting consumers. Design defects in automotive components have also caused countless injuries to individuals who were properly driving their vehicles when the design problems caused accidents and injuries.

When a consumer is hurt by a design defect, they may have rights to pursue civil litigation against the company that put the dangerous product into the market. Lawsuits based on design defects stem from the products liability field of law and may be discussed with personal injury attorneys in Kentucky.