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Recognizing the role that tire defects play in car accidents

A serious car accident can happen without warning and so fast that you may not even know exactly where or why you crashed. Determining the causes of a multivehicle collision can be even more difficult, as your car may have been hit in multiple places and/or struck other vehicles as well. In the process of determining who, if anyone, is at fault in your injury accident, you may not immediately consider the role that a tire blowout played in the incident. Defective tires and tire malfunctions contribute to thousands of serious and even fatal collisions every year. That is why the law firm of Gary C. Johnson is committed to fully investigating accident cases in order to identify incidents involving safety defects.

If you have ever experienced a tire blowout before, you know just how horrifying the experience can be. Tire explosions are known to cause serious automobile accidents, as well as injuries to pedestrians and bystanders. The sheer force of a tire explosion can cause pieces of rubber and other debris to project from the vehicle at high speeds, potentially hitting pedestrians and/or other motorists. Beyond that, your own vehicle could overturn or sustain other significant damage in the explosion. Interestingly, however, it can be difficult to distinguish why and how tires are damaged in a collision.

An important aspect of effectively recognizing tire defects in car accident cases is knowing how to gather and interpret evidence. Valve stem defects and issues relating to tire tread separation are particularly common types of problems that contribute to tire blowouts. Incorrectly fitted tires can also cause serious safety risks for motorists and pedestrians alike. That is why it is always important that a thorough accident investigation is conducted in cases where the cause of your injury collision is in question. Learn more about tire defects and other products liability topics by visiting our web page today.