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Safety is critical when you get your motorcycle out this spring

The trees are budding, the flowers and migratory songbirds are popping out all over Kentucky. Another sure sign of spring is the number of motorcycles on the road. While some enthusiasts will brave colder winter temperatures, a lot of motorcycle drivers typically store their bike during chilly winter weather.

There are a lot of steps to take when getting your motorcycle ready for your warm-weather enjoyment. You should be performing maintenance and having it inspected. You should be checking that your insurance is up-to-date on the bike. You should also be extra careful when driving on the open road.

In far too many cases, the drivers of the larger vehicle cause motorcycle-car crashes. These people may not check carefully before switching lanes or turning. Because of the discrepancy in size and weight, the motorcycle and its driver are at much higher risk of injuries. If you or someone that you love was seriously injured in an accident caused by a car, truck or SUV, you should speak with an experienced Lexington personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Take steps to protect yourself on a motorcycle

There are certain things you can do to reduce your risk. Wearing a Department of Transportation certified helmet to protect your skull and brain can reduce your chances of dying if you are in an accident. Investing in protective clothing, such as leather pants and a thick jacket, are also wise. Reflective strips can help draw other drivers’ eyes to you, reducing the risk of not being noticed while on the road. Of course, you should never operate any motor vehicle while using your cellphone or under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.

Sadly, even if you’re following all laws and driving carefully, another driver’s negligence can result in serious injuries. Any accident with a motorcycle and car can cause expensive damage to your bike. You may also be facing serious medical expenses, for injuries ranging from head and spinal damage to broken limbs or soft tissue or organ trauma. When someone else causes an accident, that person should be held legally and financially accountable. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney is a great way to recover your losses after a motorcycle accident.

An attorney can help you recover

In addition to medical bills and the damage to your motorcycle, you may incur lost wages as a result of your injuries. If the injuries are serious enough, you may no longer be able to work the same job you did before. All of these facts should be taken into consideration when you receive any kind of settlement offer from an insurance company. Your lawyer can review a settlement offer to ensure it is realistic, given your losses. If it isn’t, your attorney can negotiate for a better settlement or help you file a civil lawsuit.