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Seeking justice and compensation after a tragic wrongful death

January 26, 2019

The sudden loss of a loved one due to a traumatic accident produces a wide range of emotions. Grief and sorrow are common, although numbness often precedes them. People often also experience extreme anger, focused either at their deceased loved one or the person responsible for their passing.

In the case of a motor vehicle accident, that anger may focus on the individual who caused the crash, especially if the circumstances led you to believe that the collision should have been preventable. Thankfully, Kentucky state law allows you to seek compensation from individuals who cause a wrongful death through either wrongful acts or negligence.

A wrongful death lawsuit may provide you with an outlet for the anger you experience after a loss. However, you will also need to conquer your anger in order to approach the legal process calmly and rationally. Only in your right mind can you adequately protect your rights and hold another person accountable for the impact of their actions on your life.

Wrongful death lawsuits let you recoup financial losses after a death

The financial impact of a sudden death is complicated to accurately calculate. Obviously, there are the financial implications in lost wages, as well as the cost of any medical care your loved one received or funeral performed on their behalf. However, those are not the only financial consequences of a wrongful death.

Other factors can increase the amount of financial impact. For example, you have the right to claim loss of support. Loss of support is a slightly more esoteric consideration, although there are provable financial amounts that you can attach to a loss of support or services claim.

If your loved one previously provided yard care or childcare, you can look at the market rate for those services and estimate how many hours per week or month you received those services from your deceased loved one. Loss of support and loss of services are common claims, in addition to medical costs and lost wages, in wrongful death lawsuits.

Your family doesn’t have to bear the financial burden of a loss caused by someone else

Seeking justice after a sudden loss is important. It can give your family a sense of closure after an unexpected and tragic turn of events. It can also create realistic and appropriate consequences for someone who makes a decision that has a permanent impact on other people through injury or death.

A wrongful death lawsuit can also provide a financial buffer as your family adjusts to the new reality after your loss. The first step toward securing the compensation you will need to make ends meet will likely be a discussion with a Lexington wrongful death attorney who understands wrongful death lawsuits in Kentucky.