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Severe traumatic brain injuries can require long-term care

December 3, 2018

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can afflict a Kentucky resident in a number of ways. While many TBIs are caused by accidents and occur when collisions and impacts affect the outside of the victims’ heads, other TBIs occur when penetration injuries, such as those caused by bullets and other projectiles, enter the victims’ brains through their skulls. Either type of TBI can be serious and life-altering.

While some TBIs are minor and may take only days for the victims to recover from them, others may be serious and cause permanent harm. A serious TBI can affect practically every aspect of a person’s life and health, and this post will address some of the complications they may face.

For victims who do not lose consciousness, slurred speech, loss of coordination, changes in mood and even seizures can be side effects of TBI. A TBI victim may suffer memory loss, weakness and significant headaches. Victims who lose consciousness due to their TBI events may be left in vegetative states, coma or may even be declared brain dead if their symptoms do not improve over time.

A person who suffers a severe TBI and who loses consciousness may never wake up from their traumatic ordeal. A person who does wake up or who does not lose consciousness, though, could be affected indefinitely. Their pain and suffering may not be possible to manage on their own, and they may require support to get through their days. The costs of living with severe TBI complications can be steep, and few can cover those expenses without help. Personal injury litigation may provide TBI victims with the financial resources they need to live with their significant conditions.